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In this bass fishing video, John Cox will share tips for getting to less-pressured bass in shallow backwaters. John, and other anglers, have had great bass fishing tournament success by pushing their boat equipment to the limits to access the hardest-to-reach areas. Often old creek channels or oxbow lakes are hard to access, but deep enough to hold a good population of bass that are eager to eat. If you can access these areas, often you will find active and feeding bass that have seen far fewer lures than the main lake bass.

  • 0:13 What you'll learn in this bass fishing video
  • 0:30 Locating and preparing to access an old creek channel on the other side of a mud flat
  • 1:13 Boat adjustments for accessing skinny backwater areas
  • 4:02 Keeping an eye on bottom consistency and why it's important
  • 5:14 Skinny water trolling motor hack
  • 5:57 Ensuring you can get back out of a shallow area
  • 7:11 Word or warning, prepartion, and being sure not to rush in
  • 9:44 Accessing skinny water with the outboard motor (how to slide over inches-deep of water)
  • 10:11 Why go through all the trouble to get over mud flats and try to access backwater areas
  • 12:30 A backwater fishing success story
  • 14:37 Boat preparation for fishing really shallow water
  • 15:15 What to do if you bottom out or get stuck
  • 18:55 When to call for help
  • 19:42 Using what you know to get back out of skinny water faster

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