As much fun as flipping a 1 ounce jig into the mats can be, flipping and pitching doesn’t always have to be about heavy gear. Flipping smaller, and lighter, baits can provide anglers with the opportunity to put a different type of presentation in front of pressured bass. In this seminar, John Crews breaks down how he tackles power finesse fishing. Crews walks through when to utilize this technique, what bait options are important, and most importantly – how to fish those baits. 

  • 1:00 Benefits Of Power Finesse Fishing
  • 5:40 What Makes Fish Bite A Bait
  • 8:45 Flipping And Pitching
  • 12:50 When To Use Power Finesse
  • 23:20 Rod Selection
  • 24:10 High-Speed Reels
  • 25:10 Picking The Right Line
  • 26:35 Tips For Power Finesse Flipping
  • 33:15 Picking The Right Color
  • 43:20 Texas Rig vs. Jig

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