Spro pro John Crews joins The Bass University to talk about deep diving crankbaits in this remastered bass fishing video class seminar. Learn how to get the most out of your big-billed deep plugs by understanding the composition of the bait and the tackle you need for the best bait performance. Having the right tackle means knowing what your bait is doing and the bottom composition, of course, it also helps get bites and land fish. John Crews goes on to share the where, when and how to fish these baits to get bites from pressured fish that are used to seeing other baits, but may have never seen a deep diving crankbait.

  • 0:33 Why does John Crews like deep diving crankbait fishing?
  • 2:07 Size differences in deep diving crankbaits vs conventional diving plugs
  • 4:38 Various characteristics of deep diving crankbaits from different manufacturers
  • 7:08 Equipment for fishing these bigger baits and getting the bait out to where you need it
  • 15:20 Knowing bottom composition and what your bait is doing
  • 16:00 There are a number of good deep diving crankbaits on the market
  • 16:40 Where do you throw these lures?
  • 18:57 How to fish depth changes, current and sun position
  • 22:57 The problem with fishing ledges that are highly pressured
  • 26:50 When to throw a deep diving crankbait
  • 31:15 Tips for making super-long casts
  • 33:49 The importance of being one with your equipment
  • 35:58 The role of electronics vs searching with your bait for finding bass
  • 39:56 How far do you need to cast past a target to crank down to it?
  • 42:35 The importanct of contacting cover and other ways to generate bass bites
  • 46:42 Tuning a deep diving crankbait

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