While the post-spawn presents a terrific opportunity to land large bass, many anglers struggle to track down fish once they leave the beds behind for good. In this seminar, Bassmaster Elite Series angler Keith Combs talks about locating those pesky post-spawn bass with a variety of crankbaits to target both shallow and deep fish. Combs also discusses the impact the shad spawn has on post-spawn bass.

  • 0:45 Understanding Post-Spawn Bass
  • 3:40 Favorite Post-Spawn Hard Baits
  • 6:00 What To Do After Shad Spawn
  • 7:10 Selecting the Right Deep Diving Crankbaits
  • 7:55 Crankbait Color Selection
  • 9:25 How Far Will Bass Move After Feeding On Shad Spawn?
  • 11:20 Rod Selection
  • 12:30 Reel Selection
  • 13:20 Line Selection
  • 14:00 Lipless Crankbaits
  • 16:40 Bait Modifications
  • 18:45 Firing Up a School
  • 21:40 Forward-Facing Sonar and Deep Cranking
  • 23:30 Weighting Crankbaits
  • 25:35 Forward-Facing Sonar or 360?
  • 27:10 Staying With the Shad Spawn
  • 28:05 Best Rod Action for Cranking
  • 29:30 Landing a Big Fish

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