Do you prefer to pick an area apart or run from spot to spot? While many anglers enjoy dissecting a certain area, others find more comfort in running and gunning throughout the day.

By establishing a number of smaller areas, such as rock and brush piles, docks, and offshore structures, anglers are able to run those areas all throughout the day. In this seminar, Keith Combs explains when and why you should choose to cover more water during a tournament, and the importance of decision-making throughout the day.

"It's always a question that's on every angler's mind, 'When do you leave and when do you stay?' said Combs. 'There's not a right answer to that. Sometimes you leave fish and you miss a good window, or somebody moves in on the area you left and they catch them really good.'

When it comes to tournament fishing, Combs explains this method requires a little more mental patience. When running spots, you often shouldn’t expect to pick up fish throughout the day. Oftentimes, Combs says he will hit a certain spot at the right time, and catch a quality limit because the fish made it there at the same time he did. But when is the right time?

To help maximize a spot's potential, Combs tries to fish spots during different times of the day in practice to determine when might be the best time to approach it during the competition. Utilizing this approach does make your practice time even more important. Combs explains not only how he uses his electronics to help locate key areas on the lake, but how he uses different resources to help find potential areas beforehand.

Run & Gun Tournament Bass Fishing with Keith Combs Chapters

  • 3:20 When You Should Cover Water
  • 6:55 Tournament Fishing Approach To Covering Water
  • 11:20 Do Your Homework
  • 13:35 How Often Should You Re-Fish Areas
  • 19:20 Importance Of Following Baitfish
  • 22:00 Maximizing Practice While Covering Water
  • 24:55 How To Know When You've Stayed Too Long
  • 29:30 Tips For Fishing High-Percentage Areas
  • 36:00 Tips For Using Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 37:55 When To Throw Different Baits

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