Keith Combs is a great crankbait angler and he excels at offshore bass fishing. In this bass fishing instructional video seminar, Keith demonstrates how he uses Humminbird's LakeMaster Plus maps to highlight depth zones of interest, see satellite images to locate docks & trees and develop seasonal patterns with a Humminbird Helix 15 sonar GPS while scanning at Lake Hartwell. Keith does a full seasonal breakdown with the unit, highlighting and discussing some key areas he fishes through different times of the year.

  • 0:14 Introduction: Greg DiPalma & Keith Combs
  • 0:29 Lakemaster mapping cards
  • 1:08 LakeMaster or LakeMaster Plus?
  • 1:41 Why are LakeMaster maps good for offshore fishing?
  • 3:30 Graphing an area that looks good
  • 4:06 How does sun and contour affect fish position?
  • 4:30 Is wind your friend in fishing?
  • 5:27 Return to check fish you found early in practice?
  • 6:23 Returning to a waypoint during the tournament
  • 6:47 Bait selection for offshore fishing
  • 7:21 Prespawn spots : what to look for on contour maps
  • 8:20 Fish offshore when spawn has started?
  • 9:09 Postspawn areas to target using map card
  • 11:47 Keith Combs highlights some key areas for Summer
  • 15:42 Shading your LakeMaster map on Humminbird Helix
  • 16:48 Areas to target in the fall / autumn
  • 19:00 Waypoint management on Humminbird Helix
  • 19:39 Winter bass fishing where the water doesn't freeze
  • 21:03 Thermocline
  • 22:54 How often can you run a pattern using maps?

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