Anglers are always on the lookout for new techniques and lures to help give them an advantage on the water. For Keith Combs, one of the newer baits that he has added to his arsenal is the Strike King Hybrid Hunter. This versatile shallow-diving crankbait is something Combs has been experimenting with in recent years, and has found success with – especially around grass. In this seminar, Combs explores the variety of ways to use the Strike King Hybrid Hunter. With its L-shaped bill, the shallow-diving crankbait’s unique action makes it perfect to fish not only above grass, but also around submerged brush and docks. The crankbait comes in multiple sizes and colors to help bass fishermen accurately match the hatch on their local body of water. When it comes to gear, Combs opts for a 7’2” medium-heavy class crankbait rod, but the specific rod depends entirely on what type of year – and what conditions – he’s fishing the bait. Combs added that more often than not he reaches for a 15 lb fluorocarbon line regardless of conditions. Combs discusses all of this and gives his tips and tricks for fishing the Strike King Hybrid Hunter.

  • 1:00 Where To Throw The Strike King Hybrid Hunter
  • 3:00 Best Hybrid Hunter Model And Color Options
  • 4:45 Replacing Treble Hooks
  • 5:30 Best Gear Setup For The Hybrid Hunter
  • 6:50 Fishing The Hybrid Hunter In Open Water
  • 9:50 Tips For Fishing The Hybrid Hunter
  • 11:45 On The Water Fishing The Hybrid Hunter With Keith Combs
  • 13:45 How To Fish The Hybrid Hunter Around Grass

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