With 9 wins and $2m+ in bass fishing tournament winnings on the FLW tour, Bryan Thrift knows a thing a or two about how to win fishing tournaments and it starts with great preparation and efficient practice time. In this 40-minute video, Bryan breaks down how he begins to research a lake or river before a tournament, including historical tournament information. Most importantly, Bryan talks about his approach to winning tournaments against a field of 160 anglers who are all aware of the local tournament history, successful baits and fishing hotspots. Among selecting baits & tackle, perfecting techniques and finding fish and having backup patterns, learn how to prioritize to be a successful tournament angler.

Bryan takes Kentucky Lake in June as an example, and breaks down his typical tournament practice approach. Thrift expresses the importance of having backup patterns of overlooked fish to fill our a limit, calm the nerves and free up time to focus on kicker fish.  In many tournaments, patterns break up when baitfish or bass move, fishing pressure increases, find out why your practice baits and confidence baits may be two completely different things. On this type of lake, you can catch lots of medium-size fish out of a school that doesn't contain tournament-winning fish, and this eats a lot of your time. Bryan will teach you how to target the bigger bass and eliminate smaller fish schools quickly.

Electronics play a key part in Thrift's tournament-winning success, he explains how he's had successful 3-day practices on familiar bodies of water without ever making a cast! Learn from his sonar/side-imaging electronics setup, how he uses Humminbird and Lowrance electronics, and how he quickly eliminates water.

One of the most overlooked keys to success for bass tournament fishing is how electronics and an idling motor can make you a champion. Watch this full seminar to learn how to maximize your tournament practice time and win more money, prizes and bragging rights at your next club, BFL, tour, college or high school event.

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