Practicing for a tournament can be the deciding factor for many anglers on competition day. While some are able to fish their favorite bodies of water blind, others typically spend a few days preparing beforehand. For 2023 Major League Fishing REDCREST champion Bryan Thrift, having the right practice mindset is crucial.

“This is something that took me probably five years into my career to really figure out and master,” Thrift said. “I think it's something that really helped me stand out a couple of years into my career and for the last 10 or 12 years.”

In this seminar, Thrift discusses how he approaches tournament practice, and specifically how he tries to find key areas that others may overlook. Thrift says he takes notice of highly-pressured areas and then works backward to help him locate areas where the bass may not be seeing as many baits, making them easier to catch. This can range from fishing areas with a large number of recreational boat traffic to looking for isolated structure in areas without significant contour lines that are easy to find with your electronics.

Thrift emphasizes that anglers should strive to understand what causes bass to change and what causes the bait in the lake to change. By getting a better understanding of these key components, it becomes easier to predict what fish may be doing on tournament day.

Thrift also relies heavily on his Hummingbird Side Imaging. This gives him the ability to search for isolated structure in an area to help locate bass that others may not find. While some people won't fish an area unless they see fish on their graphs, Thrift notes that he will fish those areas regardless, as sometimes bass will hold so tight to brush that they won't be picked up by electronics.

If you're an angler looking to improve your tournament practice skills, watching Bryan Thrift's seminar can provide valuable insights into how to find and catch more fish on competition day. With years of experience under his belt, Thrift offers a unique perspective on approaching tournament practice and finding key areas that others may overlook.

  • 2:20 What Causes Bass To Change
  • 4:45 How Fishing Pressure Affects Bass
  • 14:10 Fishing Around Recreational Boats
  • 17:10 Avoiding The Obvious Areas
  • 29:40 Importance Of Having A Gameplan
  • 34:40 How To Locate Key Areas
  • 41:30 The Benefits Of Side Imaging
  • 44:15 Cranking To Find Fish
  • 47:20 Selecting The Right Side Imaging Frequency
  • 51:45 Preparing For Change

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