Lipless Crankbaits - Gerald Swindle : Remastered

Gerald Swindle is one of the more interesting characters in professional bass fishing, and this is one of his most interesting seminars, and it's certainly the most entertaining lipless crankbait bass fishing class you'll ever watch. Gerald talks about everything from reaching your personal limits to crapping beside the golf cart path. He also talks about fishing lipless crankbaits. Are there seasons for fishing a trap? How do you effectively fish the bait? Where are the best places to fish a lipless crankbait? Is it just a bait for fishing grass?

  • 1:17 Gerald Swindle's style of fishing, style of life, dislike of Luke Clausen and college football (aka Mark Zona will bet on anything)
  • 5:53 Finding your breaking point
  • 11:03 Don't bet against Kevin VanDam
  • 16:34 Are lipless crankbaits seasonal baits, or can you fish them other times than the Spring?
  • 20:19 Selecting a lipless crankbait and how different baits run
  • 22:41 The most common mistake when fishing a lipless crankbait
  • 26:58 Depths for fishing lipless crankbaits
  • 30:25 How to battle fatigue in fishing
  • 33:55 Places to fish a lipless crankbait
  • 36:46 Approaching a bank with a lipless crankbait (how to maximize time in the strike zone)

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