Gerald Swindle's Keys to Tournament Junk Fishing Success

Over the years, Gerald Swindle has provided some of the most motivational and informative bass fishing seminars at The Bass University. This seminar is no different. Gerald is known as a successful junk fisherman, but that doesn't mean he's running around the lake throwing every lure in his tackle box just hoping for a bite. Junk fishing is a skill that salvages a day when your gameplan didn't work out. It's a state a mind that keeps your eyes on the prize in the face of adversity. Sometimes it's slowing down, sometimes it's just observing, and sometimes it's trusting your instincts. Join G-man as he shares motivation, humor and instruction in this 1 hour+ bass fishing instructional video.

  • 0:31 Why you should watch Tombstone the movie with Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton, Sam Elliot and Val Kilmer. How committed are you, and what are your goals?
  • 3:50 You're not going to be KVD
  • 5:17 Improve your game with junk fishing
  • 9:37 More options is also more distraction
  • 11:37 Staying motivated in the losingest sport
  • 13:22 Discerning what matters and tuning out the noise
  • 15:30 Junk fishing is a survival skill, learn to thrive in any situation
  • 17:13 Don't be "That guy" who should have won every tournament and every fish you lost was the winning fish
  • 18:43 Don't expect the worst in things, or look back at the bad all day
  • 24:20 Gerald's got a recipe for making chicken salad out of chicken crap
  • 27:47 The key to being a great junk fisherman
  • 33:35 Don't freak out and don't panic
  • 34:36 Survival junk fishing baits
  • 38:47 Don't get in too much of a hurry that you don't give your confidence bait a chance to produce a bite
  • 39:55 What it's like to be a junk fisherman
  • 41:44 From the outhouse to the penthouse
  • 42:48 Running around with a purpose and what you're looking for
  • 49:59 Do not lose with the gameplan you put together at home
  • 58:47 When all hope seems lost, the junk fisherman keeps trying
  • 1:02:37 When you set your goals in life, execute plan A until you execute plan A

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