In this remastered bass fishing instructional class video seminar, Gerald Swindle, aka G-Man, is sharing with The Bass University students how the simple way of how to fish a jig. Gerald shares his approach to color selection, sizes, trailer selection, rod selection, reel speed, line choice, skirt materials and other considerations that allow him to keep his jig fishing simple. 

  • 0:26 Simple is better because fish are not that smart
  • 3:03 How to keep your jig fishing simple and the things Gerald Swindle is looking for in selecting a jig
  • 6:46 What Gerald Swindle expects from a good day of simple jig fishing
  • 8:08 Follow the simple rules for jig and trailer selection and ignore the "dock talk"
  • 11:44 Setting the hook with a jig and not losing bass
  • 17:55 Jig trailer and size options above 55 degrees F
  • 19:08 Trimming weed guards and skirts on jigs
  • 20:27 Guage of hooks that Gerald Swindle uses in jigs
  • 22:09 Type of rod G-man uses to fish a jig
  • 24:04 Hook barbs and hook set demonstration
  • 28:36 Reel gear ratio
  • 29:56 Is there ever a time to NOT throw a jig?
  • 30:50 Skirt materials for jigs
  • 31:20 Pork chunk trailers
  • 32:15 How much do you move a jig?
  • 33:40 Threading a chunk trailer on a jig
  • 34:35 What line does Gerald Swindle use for simple jig fishing?
  • 36:36 What does Gerald Swindle think about football jigs?
  • 38:11 Jigs and lily pads
  • 40:43 Jig fishing in heavy grasss cover
  • 43:30 What's the strategy for fishing a new lake?
  • 46:18 Do you go back over areas where you didn't get a bite with a different bait?

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