In this remastered bass fishing instructional class video seminar, Gerald Swindle, aka G-Man, is sharing with The Bass University students how the simple way of how to fish a jig. Gerald shares his approach to color selection, sizes, trailer selection, rod selection, reel speed, line choice, skirt materials and other considerations that allow him to keep his jig fishing simple. 

Swindle's Simple Jig Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:26 Simple is better because fish are not that smart
  • 3:03 How to keep your jig fishing simple and the things Gerald Swindle is looking for in selecting a jig
  • 6:46 What Gerald Swindle expects from a good day of simple jig fishing
  • 8:08 Follow the simple rules for jig and trailer selection and ignore the "dock talk"
  • 11:44 Setting the hook with a jig and not losing bass
  • 17:55 Jig trailer and size options above 55 degrees F
  • 19:08 Trimming weed guards and skirts on jigs
  • 20:27 Guage of hooks that Gerald Swindle uses in jigs
  • 22:09 Type of rod G-man uses to fish a jig
  • 24:04 Hook barbs and hook set demonstration
  • 28:36 Reel gear ratio
  • 29:56 Is there ever a time to NOT throw a jig?
  • 30:50 Skirt materials for jigs
  • 31:20 Pork chunk trailers
  • 32:15 How much do you move a jig?
  • 33:40 Threading a chunk trailer on a jig
  • 34:35 What line does Gerald Swindle use for simple jig fishing?
  • 36:36 What does Gerald Swindle think about football jigs?
  • 38:11 Jigs and lily pads
  • 40:43 Jig fishing in heavy grass cover
  • 43:30 What's the strategy for fishing a new lake?
  • 46:18 Do you go back over areas where you didn't get a bite with a different bait?

Gerald Swindle Will Teach You

  • Simple is the key in jig fishing, 'cause fish ain't that smart
  • Gerald Swindle's jig fishing basics, from color choices to reel gear ratios
  • G-Man breaks down what makes a good day of jig fishing and why you tune out the other tournament anglers
  • Setting the hook without losing bass
  • Swindle's approach to jig trailers
  • Lowdown on jig tactics for different scenarios

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