Gerald Swindle places well in many tournaments, and often he's noted as having been "junk fishing" in the event. When you're not really "On 'em", but you need to catch 5 bass, that's when junk fishing can really come in handy.

Gerald Swindle Junk Fishing Tips Class Chapters

  • 0:49 What is junk fishing? (and what isn't junk fishing?)
  • 4:38 If you're not junk fishing, and you're just confused about what to fish, here's what Gerald Swindle has to say about getting ready for a day of finding and catching some fish while junk fishing (simplify color selection)
  • 9:26 An real-world example of recognizing opportunities and applying "junk fishing" to maximize your chance of fishing success
  • 12:23 Watch how fast Gerald reacts to the situation and evaluates the best way to catch the bass, instead of getting caught up on specific patterns, locations and baits

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