Gerald Swindle's Buzzbait Fishing Secrets

Gerald Swindle returns to The Bass University to talk about bait that really helped him break into full-time competitive fishing, a buzzbait. A lot has changed since those early years in Gerald's career, and G Man has evolved along with the tackle. This bass fishing class seminar starts off with information about the right rod, reel & line for fishing a buzzbait. Once you've got the basics on tackle, Gerald dives deep into the bait concerning: using a skirt or soft plastic, modifying a buzzbait, getting the right sound out of the blades, skipping the bait, best colors, trailer hooks and more! You can buy all the tackle and components Gerald Swindle uses for buzzbait fishing at Tackle Warehouse. Finally, Swindle opens up the floor to a number of questions about how to fish a buzzbait for bass.

  • 0:32 It's a great night to talk about buzzbaits with Gerald Swindle
  • 1:18 Gerald Swindle's history with buzzbaits
  • 2:03 There's one big problem with fishing buzzbaits
  • 3:25 Gerald Swindle's tackle for fishing a buzzbait
  • 6:29 Buzzbait lure designs and various features & components (head design, blades, skirts and soft plastics)
  • 16:04 Seasonal tips and buzzbait tips for specific situations
  • 20:05 Secrets for fishing a buzzbait for bass
  • 24:45 Perfecting buzzbait blade sounds
  • 29:58 Should you only fish this bait in low light situations?
  • 33:09 Gerald Swindle's color choices
  • 34:53 Does G Man change tackle for different baits?
  • 37:24 Skipping a buzzbait
  • 42:42 Why Gerald Swindle takes the time to modify a bait exactly how he likes it
  • 45:17 Why use a specific type of fishing line when fishing a buzzbait?
  • 47:40 Size of Zoom Z Craw and G Man's favorite colors
  • 48:13 Reel setting for skipping baits
  • 50:02 Follow up baits and colors for when bass miss the bait
  • 52:05 Different blade types and do you ever want to change blade materials, fish multiple blades, etc.?
  • 55:03 Boosting weights when you're catching limits but not cashing checks
  • 56:45 Depth of water for fishing buzzbait
  • 58:02 When should you fish a skirted buzzbait, and is it a good co-angler bait?

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