John Murray started as a West coast angler and moved to TVA lakes in Tennessee. Through his tournament bass fishing career, he's fished all over the country and found that crankbaits will catch them anywhere, but not always the same crankbaits, same colors, same angles or same retrieves. Check out this in-depth bass fishing seminar on deep cranking to learn how to catch them in different areas of the country and learn some general tips that will help you catch largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass on crankbaits, no matter where you are.

  • 0:07 A crankbait catches bass anywhere
  • 1:29 You can't specialize now as a bass pro, you have to be versatile
  • 2:49 East vs West (clear vs dirty water) deep cranking
  • 6:08 Smallmouth vs largemouth and how each species relate to structure
  • 8:11 Crankbaits are not just for actively-feeding fish
  • 10:00 Matching the hatch when selecting a crankbait
  • 14:30 Confidence (ex. River2Sea Tactical Bassin' DD Crankbait)
  • 18:39 Tackle for fishing a deep crankbait (reel, rods, line)
  • 22:12 Angles and speed of retrieve
  • 26:08 Modifications and tuning for crankbaits
  • 30:23 Some of John Murray's favorite deep diving crankbaits
  • 36:26 Where to look to get started deep cranking and what colors to try
  • 36:56 Question & answer with John Murray on deep cranking

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