John Murray was in Boxborough, MA a few years back to share some of his favorite lures and techniques for catching smallmouth bass. Some are "old school" techniques that he learned growing up, and they still catch fish. There are also the "new school" techniques that are more finesse-oriented. In this seminar, John shares 4 old school "power" techniques with loud colors that trigger aggressive strikes, along with 4 new school "finesse" techniques that coax leery smallmouths into committing to an enticing more life-like presentation. Watch this 49-minute remastered bass fishing class seminar video to improve your smallmouth fishing.

  • 0:07 John Murray loves fishing for smallmouth
  • 1:01 Old school vs new school smallmouth fishing techniques
  • 3:12 Jerkbaits - colors you want for jerkbait fishing for smallmouth vs largemouth
  • 5:55 Spinnerbaits - size, colors and retrieve to trigger bites from curious smallmouth bass
  • 8:21 Tubes - When in doubt, tubes catch bronzebacks, John Murray shares some tips on ways to fish it, good color choices, and how to keep them hooked
  • 13:50 Carolina rig - Cover water and find where bass congregate. John Murray shares how this popular largemouth technique can be optimizes for smallmouth
  • 20:30 Dropshot - Why it solves a lot of problems for catching and landing smallmouth bass. Murray shares some baits he fishes on a dropshot rig, like the 3.5" Gene Larew Biffle Bug and hooks that land big smallmouth
  • 33:05 John Murray's "drug deal gone bad"
  • 38:09 Swimbaits - How to use them, and colors
  • 39:38 Spybaits - Why they are an awesome smallmouth bass fishing bait
  • 44:10 Neko rig - How to rig it and how to fish it

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