Veteran Professional Bass Angler John Murray is teaming up with Bass University to share his wisdom about spinnerbaits from one end of the country to the other.

John has had tons of success using spinnerbaits throughout his career, and now he's spilling all his secrets. He'll break down the specific rod, reel, and line he likes to use when fishing with a spinnerbait.

In his seminar, John takes us on a journey through the history of the spinnerbait, explaining how it has evolved over the years to become the effective tool it is today. Surprisingly, many anglers seem to forget about this fantastic lure.

John covers all the different types of spinnerbaits and the situations where each one works best, from blade size and style to trailers. During the Q&A session, students ask insightful questions about spinnerbait fishing that can really help you improve your skills.

If you're eager to learn everything about spinnerbaits from coast to coast, then this seminar with John Murray and The Bass University is the perfect opportunity for you.

John Murray's Spinnerbaits Coast-to-Coast Class Chapters

  • 1:30: Spinnerbait History 
  • 9:00: Styles of Spinnerbaits
  • 13:15: Rod and Retrieves 
  • 19:30: Spinnerbait Trailers
  • 21:20: Round-Table Questions
  • 33:00: Specialty Spinnerbaits 
  • 37:15: Round-Table Questions

John Murray Will Answer These Spinnerbait Fishing Questions

  • What kind of success has John Murray had with spinnerbaits throughout his career?
  • What specific details does John Murray provide about the rod, reel, and line he prefers for spinnerbait fishing?
  • Why do some anglers tend to forget about spinnerbaits?
  • How do you select components including body types, blade size, styles, colors and trailers?

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