Missile Baits owner Johnny Crews is back with The Bass University in the winter in Gadsden, AL to talk about fishing a Ned rig aka Midwest finesse rig. Lots of anglers look at the Ned rig and think there's not much to it. It looks like half a senko on a dropshot hook. There's no action, no appendages, rattles or anything flashy, just a chunk of plastic, and usually a tiny (1/10th oz, for instance) mushroom jighead. In this bass fishing educational seminar class, you'll learn some history behind the Midwest finesse rig, how it came to be known as the Ned rig, baits that people fish on the rig, why it works and ways to fish it.

  • 0:08 Introduction to Ned rig fishing (Midwest finesse rig) and tournament success
  • 2:02 The Ned rig looks dumb!
  • 2:55 Meet Ned : The history of the Ned rig
  • 6:51 Why does the Ned rig work?
  • 9:33 How do you fish a Ned rig?
  • 18:30 The setup for fishing a Ned rig (baits, jigheads, colors, rods, reel and line)
  • 28:54 What are the advantages or disadvantages of fishing a Ned rig over other finesse fishing techniques?
  • 33:13 The continuing evolution of the Ned rig
  • 35:09 drawbacks of fishing a Ned rig (when NOT to fish a Ned rig)
  • 41:55 Question and answer about Ned rig fishing with John Crews

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