Former roomate of "The Dean" Pete Gluszek, Destin DeMarion is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament competitor and seasoned smallmouth angler. In this interview, he sits down with Pete and Justin Kimmel to debate which is better for smallmouth bass fishing, the Ned rig or the tube. Pete says he's a tube man, and Destin shares why he prefers the Ned rig.

  • 0:46 Bassmaster Elite Series bass tournament angler Destin DeMarion and the beginnings of The Bass University
  • 3:37 "Keep practice in your tournament" and "Fishing the moment"
  • 5:50 Which is better for Northern smallmouth, Ned rig or tube jig?
  • 7:39 Arguments for Ned rig over the tube? What are the advantages of the Ned rig?
  • 9:14 Can you generate big bites on a Ned rig like you can with a tube?
  • 19:16 Ned rig jighead sizes
  • 21:14 Tackle for fishing Ned rigs of various sizes
  • 23:59 What bait on the Ned rig for smallmouth bass

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