Fresh off the Bassmaster Open win on the James River, we're releasing Mike Iaconelli's seminar from January 2019 on fishing micro jigs, like the Missile Jigs Ike's Micro Jig. Micro jigs are ultra finesse jigs that are usually fished on spinning tackle, and they catch a lot of fish!

Main Micro Jig Fishing Topics

  • 2:04 The micro jig was hiding in plain site for decades
  • 3:53 What is a micro jig?
  • 6:22 The importance of the line tie when selecting a micro jig
  • 8:00 Why fish a micro jig?
    • 8:17 What are the fish eating?
    • 13:57 It's a four season bait
    • 14:47 A different finesse presentation
  • 16:14 Micro jig trailers
    • 18:08 Cold water/innactive fish
    • 19:23 Moderate water temperatures
    • 20:20 Warmer hot water/super active fish
  • 24:11 Fish the micro jig with or without a weed guard?
  • 29:18 Ways to fish a micro jig
  • 57:46 Micro jig fishing tackle (rod, reel & line)

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