Professional bass angler and fishing guide Dave Mansue would pick a jig, if he could only use one bait. The reason? More tournament money has been won on a jig than any other bass lure. There are several different types of jigs, and Dave talks about the characteristics to look for when you're fishing different types of conditions. Learn what types of jigs are good for fishing rocks, cover, around heavy cover and more. Dave will also share the specifics he looks for, hook wire gauge, weed guard & head shapes. You will also learn how to customize or modify your jig for maximim fish-catching potential in a given situation. Dave shares bass fishing secrets about skirt trimming, modifying the weed guard, trailer selection and other great jig fishing information. This video is also a great source of information for: color selection, and when to use certain colors, fishing line selection, fishing rod choices and more!

Are you ready to catch big tournament-winning bass? Watch this 17-minute video to learn all the ins-and-outs of jig fishing for bass from Bassmaster Open champion Dave Mansue.

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