JT Kenney loves to fish for big bass in the grass with a jig. Of course, not all jigs are the same, you don't throw a grass jig in the wood cover, or you can expect to lose that jig. By the same token, you don't tie on a regular flipping jig and toss it in the grass. Learn how JT Kenney fishes his Nichols JT's Grass Wizard Jig in this bass fishing instructional video on how to fish jigs in the grass.

  • 0:19 The jig - a wonderful, versatile lure that likely catches more bass than any other lure
  • 0:53 JT Kenney is here to talk about fishing a jig in grass with the Nichols JT's Grass Wizard Jig
  • 3:34 What to look for in a great bass jig for fishing in the grass (not for fishing grass and wood)
  • 7:23 Jig trailer & skirt considerations for fishing a grass jig (what the heck are flappies?)
  • 9:39 Grass jig fishing tackle - rod, reel & line JT Kenney uses for this technique
  • 11:32 Ensuring you get a good hookset when fishing with a grass jig
  • 14:26 Do NOT throw a grass jig into the wood, you will lose your bait
  • 14:50 JT Kenney breaks down the structure of a grass-filled Florida canal and how the bass relate to it
  • 15:27 How JT fishes these types of submerged grass areas
  • 16:13 JT Kenney sets the hook on a bass while demonstrating how to fish the jig
  • 16:57 What size (weight) jig Kenney likes to use
  • 18:23 The importance of efficiency
  • 19:00 More demonstration on how to fish a grass jig
  • 21:31 Casting/pitching and lure presenation for fishing jigs in the grass
  • 24:03 Jig and pig fishing in Florida in the post-spawn
  • 28:02 Where to catch big bags of bass with a jig in Florida

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