JT Kenney spent a lot of time fishing the Potomac River before moving to Florida. But those areas have at least one thing in common, they have lots of grass. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, which was recorded in the Northeast during the winter, JT Kenney shares some seasonal tips and lure recommendations for anyone fishing in and around grass. As JT shares, there are bodies of water that have grass all across the country, while seasons like Spring/spawn may happen at different months of the year between Florida and New York, these fishing tips will apply in those seasons.

  • 0:10 Let's talk about grass fishing strategies, firstly, grass isn't just in lakes in the Southeast
  • 2:01 JT Kenney talks about how to break down a grassy area, with a disclaimer that nothing in bass fishing works all the time, but this is a good general approach
    • 3:07 Water clarity considerations when grass fishing
    • 6:21 Water depth considerations (with seasonal considerations)
    • 8:17 Locating productive bass fishing areas in the grass
    • 10:46 The best way to find the most productive areas when prefishing for a bass tournament
  • 15:37 Seasonal considerations for bass fishing in the grass
    • 15:42 Winter (primarily in the Southeast with tips for Winter fishing Lake Guntersville) and JT Kenney's favorite baits
    • 21:13 Spring bass fishing and fish spawning in the grass, along with lure recommendations and considerations for fishing tungsten weights
    • 31:40 Summer fishing in thick matted vegetation
    • 33:58 Autumn tips for finding the fish and baits that JT Kenney likes
  • 36:47 When bass spawn in Florida
  • 40:17 When to fish a chatterbait vs a spinnerbait
  • 41:30 Size and type of spinnerbait that JT Kenney fishes around grass
  • 42:46 Lipless crankbaits and colors that JT Kenney likes for bass fishing around grass

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