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Pete Gluszek sits down with Trent Palmer from SonarPros to discuss forward-facing sonar and MEGA360 technologies. Trent is involved in installation, configuration and teaching of sonar electronics. Trent talks about some reasons different brands work better for different anglers & locations. He shares some tips on what causes issues and intereference with wiring and electronics setups. Lastly, he and Pete recount some success stories with forward-facing sonar and 360 technology.

  • 0:23 Trent Palmer from SonarPros
  • 1:19 Sonar is dominating tournament bass fishing
  • 2:52 Selecting the right electronics for your lakes & fishing style
  • 6:32 Getting products installed correctly is important
  • 8:45 Settings are also important
  • 10:08 What's the most versatile forward-facing sonar?
  • 11:21 A new class of baits for forward facing sonar?
  • 13:30 Chasing ghost and wasting time
  • 14:34 Amazing forward-facing sonar stories
  • 15:57 Using forward-facing sonar in grass

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