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Snookie is backstage at The Bassmaster Classic for The Bass University talking to some of the top anglers on The Bassmaster Elite Series. In this 3-angler interview, Snookie asks some serious and not-so-serious questions of these Bassmaster Elites about their careers, their hair and more.

  • 0:20 Chad Pipkens talks about overcoming obstacles to make it to The Bassmaster Classic
  • 1:05 Chad Pipkens shares what he learned from his previous work experiences that helped him become a professional bass tournament angler
  • 1:56 Words of encouragement that Chad Pipkens remembers when things are tough while out fishing or he starts to get discouraged
  • 2:38 Seth Feider shows off a manly gift from Stray Casts
  • 3:45 Why is Fat Cat Newton on Seth Feider's boat?
  • 4:35 Mullets don't happen overnight
  • 5:09 Chris Zaldain on his mustache success
  • 6:03 Zaldain talks about sharing fishing secrets for the next generation of anglers and people interested in new techniques
  • 7:28 The importance of conservation and a simple thing that you can do to help preserve our natural resources
  • 8:12 Chris Zaldain's favorite Bass University instructor

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