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Bryan Thrift talks about moving up from the FLW tour to Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour, his career as a professional bass fishing tournament angler to-date, being a Bass University instructor, the goal of becoming a better angler, having fun enjoying the outdoors and more!

  • 1:03 Making the move to MLF after fishing his entire career with FLW
  • 2:20 What was the turning point for Bryan Thrift in his professional tournament fishing career?
  • 3:37 What motivates Bryan Thrift to share his bass fishing secrets with Bass University students and to share something the students won't hear anywhere else?
  • 8:10 The years of research and experience behind the information he's sharing
  • 10:34 What's it like to design a bait and have people share their own success stories using those products?
  • 11:56 The new product testing process


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