Bryan Thrift is back on the water with The Bass University to talk about how to fish a buzz frog. Most pros have abandoned the skirted buzzbait in favor of some soft plastic for numerous reasons, which Bryan covers in this video. Not least of these reasons is that a buzzbait can be skipped for a significant distance when the skirt is replaced with a Zoom Horny Toad. In this on the water class video, Thrift discusses the tackle you'll need to fish (and skip) this a buzz frog. He'll share what components to look for in a buzzbait, and how he rigs the frog for maximum skipping distance.

With the bait all rigged up, Bryan takes students out fishing with the buzz frog to talk about areas he targets with this topwater frog. He finishes up by demonstrating the skipping technique and shows that even the best make bad skips.

  • 0:15 A little history of the buzz frogs (or buzz toads)
  • 1:28 What is a buzz frog and what makes it better than a skirted buzzbait?
  • 2:00 Bryan Thrift's Buzz Frog tackle setup
  • 5:00 About the buzz frog and why it's great for skipping
  • 6:30 Key features to making a good buzz frog
  • 7:13 Secret rigging tip for maximum skipping distance
  • 8:25 Colors
  • 9:19 Buzz frog vs skirted buzzbait
  • 10:51 On the water buzz frog fishing demonstration with Bryan Thrift
  • 11:52 Understanding the strike zone for a buzz frog
  • 12:48 Why docks are an exception to the rule
  • 13:46 One of the advantages of buzzbait fishing
  • 14:55 When to concentrate on the floating docks
  • 16:38 Getting into the best hard-to-reach spots under docks
  • 18:28 Varying the retrieve and when to do it
  • 19:27 Bryan Thrift demonstrates how to skip a buzz frog

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