Are you tired of soaking your lure in the same tired spot, hoping to scrounge up a limit in your bass fishing tournament? Bryan Thrift thinks it may be time for you to get your foot on the gas and run & gun your way to bigger bass, tageting actively feeding fish. In this 39-minute bass fishing video, FLW professional bass angler Bryan Thrift will share his run & gun pattern fishing secrets that helped him win tournaments like his FLW Tour win at Lake Norman.

Who is Bryan Thrift?

Thrift is an 11 year FLW pro with over $2m in career earnings. He's finished in the top 10 in over 1/3 of 141 career FLW tournaments. He's fished in the top 10 80% of his 10 FLW Forrest Wood Cup appearances. Bryan doesn't like to waste time when tournament fishing. As he covers in this video seminar, he's fishing for active fish, and if they aren't there, or they aren't biting at one spot, it's time to run & gun.

What is run & gun pattern fishing?

It's not just one bait, one technique or one spot. In general, it's establishing where active fish should be, and what they should bite on certain areas of the lake at varying times of the day. Hit your high percentage areas and move on to present your lure to another fresh group of actively feeding bass.

In this video, Thrift will discuss how he used the run & gun approach to win the 2016 FLW Tour invitational tournament on Lake Norman. He will talk about using his electronics to locate structure and cover, and how he maximizes his efficiency with his Humminbirg units. Thrift shares the lures that he typically has tied on when run & gun fishing, including the Damiki Mamba Jig. Using the jig, Thrift shares secrets on immitating 2 types of forage, particularly when fishing docks. He also gives some tips on tackle and technique for skipping jigs under cover.

Want to learn more about how to win fishing tournaments?

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