This bass fishing seminar class video was filmed on-site at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on the St Johns River, FL in 2022. Brandon Palaniuk finished 20th in the event and on the final day, he treated the audience to a 30-minute Bass University class on flipping and pitching. After demonstrating the difference in the two methods of motivating your lure into position, and clarifying which method people are usually employing, Brandon breaks down the equipment he uses for pitching (rod, reel & line). It's always good to also have a bait tied on when fishing for bass, so Brandon shares the bait and rig he was using at the St Johns River and how and where he fished that bait. Palaniuk wraps up this class by supplying answers to questions from the audience.

  • 1:33 Flipping & Pitching (and the using the correct name)
  • 3:11 How to make a pitch
  • 5:16 Selecting a reel for pitching
  • 7:38 Selecting a pitching rod
  • 9:02 Pitching fishing line
  • 12:08 Pitching bait selection
  • 13:32 How Palaniuk fished the St. Johns River in Florida
  • 15:30 Importance of a balanced rod & setting the hook
  • 16:17 Places fish will spawn in the St. Johns River
  • 17:25 More on setting the hook
  • 18:57 Patience is a virtue
  • 19:37 Working the bait
  • 20:58 Learning to pitch the most optimal way
  • 23:28 Pegging weights when pitching
  • 25:37 Palaniuk's best knot
  • 27:03 Selecting baits for pitching on beds in Florida

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