Trout behaviour differs significantly from the behavior of other common types of bass forage. For instance, trout thrive in colder water. With this in mind, it doesn't seem so crazy to be tie on a 7"+ bait that weighs 3oz. and casting it around shoreline cover while most other anglers are throwing shad raps & jerkbaits or fishing offshore structure. In the on the water bass fishing class, Bassmaster Elite Brandon Palaniuk shares some tips for fishing the Storm Arashi Glide Bait in the ghost rainbow trout color on a lake with super clear water. Learn what tackle you need to fish this big bait, how to get the best action out of your glide bait and see how Brandon brings a big bass to the boat without it shaking off the 3oz bait.

  • 0:20 Big glide baits in Lakes with trout
  • 1:53 Two different types of bass reactions
  • 3:23 Where to fish trout glide baits for bass
  • 4:43 The Storm Arashi Glide
  • 5:07 Tackle for fishing a trout glide bait
  • 11:06 Why the right tackle is important for glide baits
  • 13:21 How Palaniuk fishes a trout glide bait
  • 15:30 Always be ready for a bite
  • 16:36 Ideal conditions for glide baits
  • 19:01 Swimbaits vs glide baits
  • 20:12 Selecting the right color & forage type
  • 21:14 Fishing a glide bait around cover
  • 22:17 Palaniuk hooks up with a glide bait bass

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