Are you ready to find bass on a new body of water with a crankbait? Brandon Palaniuk loves using crankbaits as a search tool. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Palaniuk breaks down some maps to demonstrate areas where bass should setup (and places you should look) during different seasons. He also talks about a handful of his favorite search crankbaits and colors for different seasons and water clarities.

  • 0:20 Not matter where he's catching them, Brandon Palaniuk loves searching and establishing a pattern with a crankbait
  • 2:31 Tip for pre spawn fishing Lake Guntersville
  • 3:57 Why fish a crankbait?
  • 8:18 Where to start fishing a crankbait
  • 12:08 Cranking in the Winter and Early Spring
  • 16:12 Quick access to deep water
  • 18:15 Cranking in the Spring
  • 28:40 Where to look for bass in the Spring
  • 30:14 Summer seasonal crankbait bass fishing pattern
  • 35:14 Map example of deep ledges
  • 38:30 Autumn/Fall transition period
  • 41:35 Map example of fall transition
  • 42:18 Question about seasonal cranking with Brandon Palaniuk

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