Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Pro Jesse Wiggins is here to share his extensive knowledge on the art of crankbait fishing, breaking it down for all fishing enthusiasts.

Wiggins introduces us to his specialized technique, which he aptly terms "southern cranking." In this comprehensive discussion, he delves into the intricacies of his preferred crankbaits designed for various depth ranges. Wiggins generously reveals his chosen rod, reel, and line setups tailored to the specific depths required for successful cranking.

Not stopping there, Wiggins takes us on a journey through the diverse retrieval methods he employs during crankbait fishing. He emphasizes the pivotal role that the right cadence can play in boosting the number of bites per day. For Wiggins, it's not about falling for the allure of flashy colors that often attract anglers. Instead, he swears by the effectiveness of tried-and-true basic colors that mimic the natural forage found in the lake.

Join Jesse Wiggins on an exploration of the nuances of crankbait fishing, where he generously shares not only his knowledge but also some clever tricks and insights into crankbaits that he has honed over the years. Dive into the world of crankbait fishing with Jesse Wiggins, exclusively here at Bass University.

Jesse Wiggins Summer Cranking Chapters

  • 0:13: Introduction 
  • 1:56: Cranking Setups and Breakdown
  • 9:35: Best Times to Crank 
  • 13:00: Deep Cranking Setup
  • 17:25: Keys to Crankbait Fishing
  • 19:00: Jesse’s Favorite Deep Cranks
  • 21:15: Colors and Retrieves 
  • 25:50: Recap

Southern Crankbait Fishing Questions Jesse Will Answer

  • What does Jesse Wiggins refer to as "southern cranking"?
  • According to Wiggins, what is crucial for successful crankbait fishing?
  • What does Wiggins emphasize regarding the color of crankbaits?
  • What are some key elements of Wiggins' favorite deep crankbaits?

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