Professional Angler Fletcher Shryock has teamed up with Bass University to share his go-to technique for catching bass—finesse flipping. On Lake Chickamauga, he walks us through the equipment he uses, from his rod and reel to the lures and line.

While demonstrating finesse flipping in the fall, Fletcher successfully lands some impressive largemouth bass. He prefers fishing in the back of a creek, where the depth and abundance of hardcover create an ideal habitat for bass.

You can join Bass University and Fletcher Shryock on Lake Chickamauga to get a closer look at finesse flipping and pitching, gaining valuable insights into this effective fishing method.

Fall Finesse Flipping On Water Class Chapters

  • 0:13: Finesse Flipping Gear
  • 2:58: Picking Apart Cover Flipping
  • 7:35: Why Gear and Weight Size is Key
  • 9:35: Why Flipping is Effective in the Fall

What Will You Learn in This On Water Bass Fishing Class?

  • What finesse flipping gear does Fletcher Shryock use for bass fishing?
  • How does Fletcher effectively pick apart cover while finesse flipping on Lake Chickamauga?
  • Why is the choice of gear and weight size crucial in finesse flipping, and what are the key considerations?
  • In what ways is finesse flipping an effective bass fishing technique, especially in the fall season?


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