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It's autumn and Adrian Avena is here to tell you how to successfully catch bass while many other outdoor enthusiasts are headed into the woods for hunting season. In the fall, shad start to migrate from the main channels into the backs of creeks. It's a great time to target
Do you want to catch less pressured bass fishing offshore ledges? In this 53-minute bass fishing instructional video, Bassmaster Elite Series bass tournament angler Mike "Ike" Iaconelli talks about fishing ledges. Ike will cover the following: What are ledges and what causes them? What seasons are the best for ledge fishing? Why fish
Knoxville, Tennessee's Ott DeFoe has a talent for locating/ catching bass in river systems and also up the feeder creeks and rivers on lakes. Ott analyzes when, where, and how to find bass "up river". He also breaks down his best methods for catching these fish.
Pete explains how to find an outstanding bass fishing hole right in your back yard. Using the internet and mapping tools to identify potential fishing hot spots. How to use these little ponds and streams to dramatically improve you bass fishing skills.