On hot summer days, just like us, sometimes bass are just looking for a place to cool down. In this on the water bass fishing class video, Pete Gluszek goes out in search of cooler creeks and streams, away from the steamy main lake water. Pete lists some things to look for when searching for productive creeks, like fish-eating birds. "The Dean" shares some tips for getting into silted-in backwaters and finding the creek channel. As Pete travels back in search of color water, he demonstrates using your Humminbird side imaging and thermometer to identify targets and find the cooler water areas. After locating a prime spot, Gluszek breaks down the area with a senko, jig and chatterbait with a variety of casts that offer access to the fishiest areas where bass like to cool off in the shade.

  • 0:21 What is the summer trout stream pattern?
  • 1:27 What is the driving force that makes this pattern work?
  • 4:51 Other factors that attract bass to these areas
  • 5:47 What are you looking for to identify a good area for this pattern?
  • 7:23 Overview of getting into the hard-to-access places
  • 9:01 Assessing a creek that's active with life and choosing productive lures
  • 14:44 The life cycle of a creek
  • 17:34 Searching for productive areas and getting into silted-in creeks
  • 23:26 Idling in and assessing a creek's potential to hold bass with electronics
  • 37:51 Fishing some ideal feeder creek areas with a senko
  • 45:28 Bass fishing targets in stained creek water with a jig
  • 1:05:49 Making adjustments for changes in the environment
  • 1:16:07 More on identifying and fishing key targets with a jig
  • 1:17:32 Changing casting techniques to cover the high percentage bass fishing areas
  • 1:20:37 Tips for fishing a vibrating jig in more open water areas with fewer targets to cast to
  • 1:27:02 Using maps to identify potential creeks

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