In this interview, Pete sits down with Bassmaster Elite Series angler Micah Frazier. Micah has a history of fishing southern impoundments like Lake Hartwell, and in the prespawn, fishing finesse crankbaits can be dynamite. Micah discusses how bass relate differently to the varying forage types, in lakes with blueback herring. With this technique, you're targeting the fish eating the forage that goes back in the creeks. Learn what baits Micah fishes, areas he targets, when he puts down the Shad Rap-style baits and when he picks up a Berkley Frittside crankbait.

  • 0:28 Bassmaster Elite Micah Frazier
  • 2:31 Finesse crankbait fishing blueback herring eaters vs threadfin shad eaters
  • 8:17 Do-nothing red clay banks pattern
  • 9:33 How to fish a finesse crankbait in prespawn
  • 10:39 When does prespawn crankbait bite end?
  • 11:48 When does the finesse crankbait bite pick back up?
  • 12:45 Finesse crankbait modifications
  • 14:30 Fishing line for finesse crankbaits
  • 17:43 Micah Frazier's thoughts on Santee Cooper

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