As the water begins to warm in the early spring, bass start making their way to the shallows to spawn. The spawning season allows anglers an opportunity to catch a once-and-a-lifetime fish if they can locate them. As bass leave their wintering areas for the backs of creeks to spawn, it can be challenging to locate where on the path they are. Not to mention, not all bass make this move at one time. 

In this seminar, Pete Gluszek explains how he tracks down bass during the spawning season, and just how to catch them. Gluszek utilizes a handful of techniques during pre-spawn to find fish, such as a crankbait, Chatterbait, and lipless crankbait. While he relies heavily on those power techniques, he also uses a jig and Carolina rig to help work through areas to get more bites. 

Once you determine where one or two fish in the spawning cycle are, it becomes easier to locate more. Identifying those patterns can often make or break an angler during the spring. Gluszek shares his tips for identifying patterns, which can help you put more fish in the boat.

  • 0:45 Targeting Early Spring Bass
  • 2:20 Targeting Bass As Spring Warms
  • 7:45 Utilizing A Snap For Quick Bait Changes
  • 9:25 How To Find Bass During Pre-Spawn And Spawn
  • 12:50 How To Fish Docks Around Spawning Season
  • 18:30 How To Fish Crankbaits During Pre-Spawn
  • 22:50 When To Fish A Carolina Rig
  • 25:40 How Long Before You Change Baits Or Locations
  • 28:00 Where To Find Pre-Spawn Bass
  • 35:45 When And How To Fish A Jig
  • 46:00 Tips For Identifying A Pattern

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