In this remastered bass fishing seminar class video, Mike Iaconelli breaks down the Fall/Autumn season into 2 main periods, the early fall feed and the late fall transition. Bait plays a big part in where to find bass in the fall, and the bass are going to follow there food. Find out where the bait is going, what it's doing, and when to expect it to transition. Bass also need to be prepared for the cold of winter, so, Mike also talks about when to expect bass to head back to deep wintering areas and where to find them as they move. This is a great video for learning to locate bass and developing a pattern for fall bass fishing.

In case you're unsure how to catch them, Mike also shares some of his favorite lures for fishing these 2 fall periods and shares some secret tips to get a few extra bites, or milk a spot for a few more bass after they've stopped biting your power fishing presentations.

  • 0:32 Mike Iaconelli introduces this seminar on bass fishing in the Fall season
  • 1:00 Reasons the fall is such a tricky time to fish for bass?
  • 2:51 The elements of change that indicate that the Autumn is upon us
  • 6:47 Two distinct periods (Fall feed & Autumn transition)
  • 8:53 Early Fall feed - what is the key to success in this period?
    • 11:24 Mike shows a topographical map on the overhead projector and points out areas to find the bait from the summer through the fall
    • 19:34 Seeing the bait with your eyes and electronics
    • 22:10 Lures for fishing the early fall feed
    • 29:03 Tricks and tips for fishing the early fall feed
  • 34:27 Late Autumn transition - when does it happen and what are the bass doing?
    • 39:55 Mike shows a topographical map and highlights areas where bass will group up during this seasonal transition
    • 43:32 What you're looking for on your electronics for bass migrating back out to their wintering areas
    • 44:45 Late Autumn fishing lures
    • 45:36 Late Autumn tricks for finding and catching bass

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