Locating bass in practice can be hard enough, but when they’ve moved by tournament day in can complicate things in a hurry. 

If you understand the migration routes that bass take, it can make relocating them much easier. 

“We've all been on fish and lose track of them, 'Man, they were there yesterday',” said Alton Jones. “If you can identify the pathway that led a school of fish into an area, when you lose that school of fish, it may help you be able to work your way back down this particular pathway and find that school of fish.”

In this seminar, Jones breaks down the various paths bass will take over the course of the year. Generally speaking, he explains spring and fall routes are similar, while summer and winter paths are also alike. 

During the spring and fall, Jones will typically start in the back of a creek and work his way forward to determine where along the path fish are currently located. During the winter and summer, he will start at the mouth of the creek and work his way toward the back. 

Jones also highlights the importance of fishing an area thoroughly after you locate where fish are. Oftentimes, Jones says, the school of bass in an area will be larger than anglers expect – which is why he encourages making multiple casts to an area where a fish was caught. 

Jones breaks down the various types of locations bass will stop along their migratory routes, including points, creek channel bends, humps, and more. 

  • 3:15 How Bass Migrate
  • 12:35 Bass Relate To Edges
  • 16:10 Common Pathways Used By Bass
  • 23:00 How To Fish Pathways
  • 28:05 Importance Of Knowing How Big The School Is
  • 29:35 Finding Key Areas Along Pathways
  • 35:00 How To Fish Creek Channel Bends
  • 39:10 How To Handle Pre-Fishing Patterns
  • 43:35 Boat Positioning On Creek Channels
  • 49:00 How Far Fish Travel During Spawn
  • 52:00 Difference Between Inside And Outside Channel Bends

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