Alton Jones is a highly skilled veteran in bass fishing, recently winning the Heavy Hitter event in the Bass Pro Tour. In this seminar with Bass University, Alton shares valuable insights on sight fishing and targeting bass on beds.

Drawing from his extensive success and experience, Alton provides helpful tips to enhance your skills as a sight fisherman. He covers everything related to spawning and bedding bass, including topics like locating spawning bass, his stealth approach, and advice on selecting the right color and bait.

Whether you're new to bass fishing or an avid tournament angler looking to up your game around the spawn, Alton Jones delivers a comprehensive breakdown in this Bass University Seminar that will surely benefit your fishing expertise.

Alton's Sight Fishing Key Topics

  • 0:14: Locating Spawning Bass
  • 8:40: Best Conditions for Sight Fishing
  • 12:20: Stealth Approach 
  • 18:50: Ten Minute Rule 
  • 22:05: The Spawn 
  • 31:40: Color/Bait Selection 
  • 37:30: Bait Presentation 
  • 47:50: Q/A

Answers to Sight Fishing for Bass Questions

  • What valuable insights does Alton Jones share in this Bass University seminar regarding sight fishing and targeting bass on beds?
  • What specific tips does Alton provide on locating spawning bass?
  • What are the best conditions for successful sight fishing, according to Alton Jones?
  • How does Alton approach stealthily when targeting bass on beds, and what is the "Ten Minute Rule" that he discusses?
  • What insights does Alton share about the spawn and its significance in bass fishing?
  • In terms of color and bait selection, what advice does Alton Jones provide for anglers looking to improve their skills?
  • How does Alton address bait presentation in the context of sight fishing for bass?

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