The Bass University BUcket List is back on Lake Chickamauga with Major League Fishing pro bass tournament angler Wesley Strader, local fishing guide Billy Joe Wheat and fisheries biologist Mike Jolley. Learn when and where to catch the biggest bass on Lake Chickamuaga, learn how to get into the hard-to-reach backwater areas, and learn even more about what makes this lake and it's hybrids of northern & Florida-strain largemouth so unique.

  • 0:50 Wesley Strader chased his dream of being a professional bass fisherman, and with God's help, he's done far better than scraping out a living as a professional tournament angler
  • 1:34 The importance of family on Wesley Strader's fishing and career
  • 2:37 Wesley Strader's words of encouragement after financial hard times early in his marriage
  • 5:06 Fisheries biologist Mike Jolley talks about forage and influence of stocking the Florida strain bass in Lake Chickamauga
  • 7:37 Professional fishing guide Billy Joe Wheat shares his thoughts on the current state of the lake. He breaks down the lake, talks about targeting giant bass and shares some fish-catching secrets for locating and catching bass on Lake Chickamauga
  • 12:36 Wesley Strader on getting into hard-to-reach places like small unmapped creeks
  • 18:06 Rising and falling water and how it affects the bass at different times of year
  • 22:39 Accessing skinny water and catching bass where other people don't go
  • 27:17 Seasonal considerations for fishing Lake Chickamauga
  • 29:18 Mussel shell beds and big bass
  • 32:13 Chickamauga bass just keep getting bigger
  • 35:03 Wesley Strader shares a special story about taking his memories with him wherever he goes

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