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The Bass University has really gotten to know Wesley Strader over the years, as an instructor in our classes and as a host of our Lake Chickamauga episode BUcket List series. In this video, Welsey shares a lot of information about his history in the sport and answers some personal questions. The real surprise comes when Wesley Strader becomes the interviewer and we get a glimpse into the life of Pete Gluszek's life and bass fishing career.

  • 0:19 Wesley Strader introduction
  • 0:35 Wesley Strader's experience teaching at The Bass University
  • 0:45 Filming on Lake Chickamauga and Wesley Strader's tips for fishing there
  • 1:46 Wesley Strader on the 2020 MLF season and what he likes most about MLF
  • 3:48 What Wesley is looking forward to most out on tour in 2020
  • 4:38 Who has most lost their mind, among angler on tour?
  • 5:12 Who is the most fun to fish with?
  • 5:54 The best angler on the MLF Bass Pro Tour?
  • 6:30 The worst angler on tour?
  • 7:07 Who has the sickest bass boat rig on tour?
  • 7:40 Who is the biggest suck up on tour?
  • 8:19 Favorite movie?
  • 9:19 How everything came together for Wesley Strader on the professional tournament trail
  • 16:15 Wesley Strader interviews Pete Gluszek

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