FLW bass fishing tournament pro, Open champion and 2-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Wesley Strader presents a 32-minute in-depth seminar on fishing buzzbaits. Fishing topwater lures is exciting, and fishing buzzbaits is one of the most exciting ways to fish topwaters. If you love to see explosive strikes from aggressive fish, you'll want to watch this instructional video on fishing buzzbaits for big bass.

When do I fish a buzzbait?

Strader's thoughts on water temperature and seasons might surprise you. Wesley talks about the times he catches them best, and talks about some other baits he fishes during those times.

Where do I fish buzzbaits?

What are bass looking for? Wesley talks about why bass are located around certain types of structure and cover. Learn what areas of the lake, river or pond to target with a buzzbait.

What equipment should I use?

Strader uses the following tackle to fish buzzbaits year-round:

  • Lew's Team Pro Magnesium Speed Spool ACB Casting Reel - 6.8:1 or 7.5:1 gear ratio high speed fishing reel
  • Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rods - Strader fishes buzzbaits on this cranking rod all year
  • Wesley shares his thoughts on when to fish flurocarbon and when to fish braid, and which line he starts with

How do I select and modify a buzzbait?

Strader shares some bass fishing pro secrets on modifying your buzzbait to catch more bass. Learn how to add more bass-attracting sound and action to your lure! Learn when it's time to ditch the skirt on your bait for a better-suited alternative. Want to know what a Zorro Baits Head Knocker Buzzbait is, and why you should be fishing it? Does the color make a difference? How do you skip a buzzbait? What should I look for when selecting a lure? Should I being throwing a double prop? Strader answers these questions and more about fishing these explosive topwater lures for aggressive bass.

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