How to Skip Various Baits Under Docks - Wesley Strader

How to Skip Various Baits Under Docks - Wesley Strader


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MLF pro Wesley Strader is on the water with The Bass University to talk about skipping baits under cover. He talks about the tackle he uses, including various baits and demonstrates how to skip baits under cover (like docks).

  • 0:51 Tackle for skipping baits under cover
  • 1:46 Wesley Strader's tips for skipping a jig
  • 3:13 Yes, you can skip a buzzbait, learn the secrets in this video
  • 4:31 It is even possible to skip a spinnerbait, see the rods and reel that Strader uses for this more difficult skipping lure
  • 5:39 The whole key to skipping...
  • 6:45 Demonstrating skipping a Zoom Swimmer Paddle Tail Swimbait
  • 7:35 The key to the success with skipping baits is the same as with anything else you do. Skipping lures under cover can become second nature.
  • 8:59 Why rod selection is so important with this casting technique
  • 10:46 Making reel adjustments to maximize your skipping distance, accuracy and efficiency
  • 12:06 Practicing when you're not able to get on the water

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