In his first class as a Bass University instructor, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Hunter Shryock breaks down everything flipping and pitching in this detailed seminar recorded in Gadsden, AL. 

Hunter breaks down his setup for flipping and pitching, including his braid to fluorocarbon leader approach for flipping. He goes into detail as to why that is his preferred choice. Shryock uses an almost 8ft rod for flipping and pitching, but notes to use what is comfortable for you. 

Hunter shares his favorite baits for all-year success while flipping and pitching, some of these baits include Berkeley MaxScent Creature Hawg and Berkeley General. 

Hunter notes that there are always fish to be caught shallow 365 days a year flipping and pitching, it’s how he makes his living while also being his favorite way to catch big bass. Tournament approach and strategies are crucial for Shryock when he is trying to find fish shallow when flipping, Hunter breaks down that approach and strategy in this seminar.

Join Bass University and Hunter Shryock in this detailed seminar "Flipping and Pitching 365".

Hunter Shryock's Flipping & Pitching Class Chapters

  • 0:13: Shyrock Introduction 
  • 3:24: Flipping & Pitching 101
  • 8:29: Flipping & Pitching Equipment 
  • 29:19: Jig vs Soft Plastics
  • 32:24: Go-To Baits and Rigging
  • 46:04: Flipping & Pitching Mechanics
  • 49:54: Approach
  • 1:03:07: Tournament Practice

Quick Summary of this Hunter Shryock Flipping Class

  • Shryock's preferred setup, including using braid with a fluorocarbon leader and an almost 8ft rod.
  • His favorite baits for flipping and pitching, such as the Berkeley MaxScent Creature Hawg and General.
  • Shryock emphasizes the year-round potential of flipping and pitching for catching bass and details his tournament strategies and approach.
  • Seminar includes chapters covering basics, equipment, bait selection, mechanics, approach, and tournament practice.

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