Meet Josh Douglas, a talented angler from Minnesota who's made a name for himself on the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament trail. Josh's journey into the world of fishing began early, with hockey skates on his feet and a spinning rod in his hands. His true passion lies in mastering the art of catching smallmouth bass.

In this smallmouth bass fishing educational seminar available exclusively at Bass University, Josh takes us on a deep dive into the fascinating world of seasonal smallmouth bass fishing and how they move/migrate. He starts by discussing the transitions that these elusive bass go through, showcasing images captured by his electronics. Josh meticulously breaks down the various patterns that smallmouth bass exhibit throughout the year, from the pre-spawn season to the late summer and fall.

Josh doesn't stop there; he shares his wisdom about the best bait choices for each season when targeting smallmouth bass. This seminar offers an unparalleled level of detail as Josh identifies specific locations where you can consistently find smallmouth bass as the seasons change.

If you're eager to learn the art of pursuing smallmouth bass across the seasons, then look no further. Join us for this enlightening Bass University Seminar featuring Elite Series Pro Josh Douglas as he unravels the secrets of chasing seasonal smallmouth bass.

Understanding Seasonal Smallmouth Bass Movement Chapters

  • 1:00: Understanding Seasonal Migrations of Smallmouth
  • 3:00: Transitions
  • 4:40: Seasonal Smallmouth Progression
  • 7:05: Pre Spawn Smallmouth Bass 
  • 13:23: Spawning Smallies
  • 17:44: Early Summer (Post Spawn)
  • 20:40: Late Summer/Fall

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