For many anglers, topwater fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch bass. 

“Everybody goes crazy on a topwater strike,” said Shaw Grigsby. “When you’re fishing, and one blows up next to you, every one of us has the same reaction, ‘Oh my gosh!’ and we make a cast over there.”

Grigsby describes topwater fishing as one of his favorite ways to fish – and he’s not alone in that. 

When learning how to fish topwater lures, the selection can be overwhelming. Gone are the days of simply having a popper or a Jitterbug. Today’s options range from those classic baits to buzzbaits, frogs, walking and prop baits, and more. 

Where buzzbaits can shine in muddy water due to the amount of noise they create in the water, poppers and often be key in clear water conditions with little wind. Walking baits, however, can often benefit from the wind blowing. 

In this seminar, Grigsby covers everything from selecting the right topwater lure for the conditions to choosing the best line and knot for optimal lure action and hookup ratios. You'll also learn some insider tips and tricks that will help you become a topwater fishing pro in no time

Choosing the right line for topwater fishing can be a hot topic for many. While fluorocarbon – on paper – shouldn’t be ideal because of its sinking quality, many anglers still opt to use it. Grigsby recommends almost exclusively using monofilament or braided line – both of which float. While monofilament offers stretch, braided line offers anglers a no-stretch option to help improve hookups on long casts. 

The long-time pro also has a special knot – the King Sling Knot – he uses to insure that his topwater lures have the best action to entice a bite. 

Grigsby shares stories about some of the lessons he’s learned fishing topwater during his career, and also shares some saltwater topwater baits he throws that many bass anglers may not be aware of. 

If you're ready to take your topwater fishing to the next level, be sure to watch Shaw Grigsby's full video on the subject. In the video, he shares even more stories, tips, and techniques that will help you become a topwater fishing pro.

  • 2:30 Best Time Of Year For Topwater Fishing
  • 4:30 When And How To Fish Poppers
  • 12:55 When And How To Fish Buzzbaits
  • 17:25 Best Gear For Fishing Buzzbaits
  • 18:40 Should You Use Trailer Hooks On Buzzbaits?
  • 20:40 When And How To Fish Frogs
  • 24:20 How And When To Fish Prop Baits
  • 29:20 How And When To Fish Walking Baits
  • 31:00 Targeting Schooling Bass With Topwaters
  • 34:00 How To Learn To Fish Topwaters
  • 44:50 How To Tie The King Sling Knot
  • 45:30 How To Fish Jerk Baits As Topwaters

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