How do I know what fishing line size reel to put on my fishing reel? As Professional tournament angler Mike Iaconelli shares, the reel itself is often a great place to start. Mike talks about reading the information on line spools to understand breaking strength & line diameter. Mike talks about things that will determine your line size:

  • What fish are you fishing for? Are you likely to catch fish that weight 10, 15 or 20 lbs? Learn how fish size determines what size line to use.
  • What lures are you fishing? The size and action of your bait will help you determine the best size to use.
  • What type of places are you fishing? Learn how environmental variables determine what line size you should use when fishing for bass.

Mike talks about his favorite all-around beginner line sizes for spinning reels, spincast reels and baitcasting reels. Learn everything you need to know about selecting the right line size in this bass fishing instructional video from Bass University Basics.

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