Mike Iaconelli joins The Bass University to talk about one of the most exciting parts about bass fishing, hooking and landing the fish. You've fished the lure, you've gotten the bite, what do you do next? Mike is here to talk about how to set the hook, how to fight or play the fish and landing or netting the fish. Mike talks about the right technique for setting the hook and how you need to adjust your hook set for varying hook sizes. Once you have the hook set and the fish is on, Mike talks about the right techniques to employ to ensure you get the fish landed. You'll learn about common mistakes people make that result in lost fish. Learn about what Mike calls "Give & take" to help you successfully land more bass. This video is very helpful for new anglers to learn how to use their rod and reel to set the hook and fight a fish into the net.

How to Land a Fish Topics

  • 1:10 General method of setting the hook
  • 1:30 How to set the hook
  • 4:00 How to keep a fish hooked
  • 6:35 Give and take formula 
  • 7:30 How to land a fish

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