Want to learn how to locate bass fishing targets on a new pond or small lake? Pete Gluszek is fishing at a new pond he's never fished before. He starts by slowly moving around the pond to identify "targets". Targets are areas where you want to cast, because they are likely to be great bass habitat. Pete talks about what makes a good fishing spot, importance of being stealthy, how different conditions and seasons dictate the right approach to fishing the same body of water, and more!

In this how to fish ponds and small lakes bass fishing instructional video, you will learn:

  • How to identify targets in a new body of water
  • Difference between "structure" and "cover"
  • Conditions for fishing "power techniques" and "finesse techniques"
  • Using different casts to get into hard-to-reach places
  • Best equipment to ensure you can see further into the water and identify more targets
  • When to fish close to the bank and when to throw out in the deep water
  • How to catch, hold, unhook and release a small bass
  • Changing baits when you've lost confidence in a bait or technique
  • and more!

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